Gary Ashton

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i started my working life in america working with impoverished children and then moved to london where i worked in a foster and adoption agency. from there i worked in several positions including management with young offenders and adolescents with various psychiatric disabilities. 

when i arrived in sydney i started my career in disabilities working for what is now know as 'the housing connection' but was originally the lower north shore disabled persons action group. it was an incredible transition and i learnt all about SRV and PASSING which changed my whole understanding of the field. 

i spent a few years working in various other fields, youth homelessness, crisis work, drug and alcohol, mental health and sex offenders. eventually i returned to disabilities, specifically dual diagnosis and stepped down from management into direct support as i find this is where i can change peoples lives most effectively and directly.

believe it or not i am still passionate about my work and have personal high standards and expectations. 

when i am not working i write, read and love the surf.